Water and Waste Water

At SHELADIA, we solve our clients complex water challenges with exceptional service and integrated, sustainable solutions. Our multidisciplinary team offers engineering and consulting services for the full range of water issues: drainage and flood control, hydraulic structures, sedimentation and erosion control, hydrogeology, potable water supply, reclaimed water planning and design, and wastewater management.

We are excited to be participating in the REinvest Initiative, a collaboration among eight partner cities in the United States with leading engineering, legal, and financial firms with the goal of developing new public-private partnerships to help cities develop more flexible, sustainable, and integrated networks and use public resources more efficiently to leverage private investment in building stronger communities in rebuilding aging water, energy, and transportation systems.


Drainage and flood control

Sedimentation and erosion control

Potable water supply

Wastewater management

Hydraulic structure engineering


Reclaimed water planning and design