Ranolia Hydropower Project

Project Name

Management, Design and Supervision of Ranolia Hydropower Project, Pakistan


Sarhad Hydel Development Organization (SHYDO)


Asian Development Bank

Project Cost

US$ 17 million



In efforts to exploit the energy potential of the Indus River, the ADB and the Pakistani government identified the Ranolia Hydropower plant as a key solution towards harnessing renewable energy and improving reliable power in the North-West Frontier Province.

SHELADIA worked with our local partners to provide final reviews and verifications of the design and feasibility study for this important hydropower project. Our team was able to ensure greater output of the plant (from 11 to 17 megawatts), oversee all construction efforts, procurement, and ensure strict quality control and quality assurance. According to the ADB, the project has delivered significant benefits to the nearby communities and is expected to recover its investment costs in three years.


  • Feasibility Review
  • Preparation of Tender Document
  • Review of Contractor’s Design
  • Management and Supervision

Additional Energy Projects

Project Name

Rural Electrification Project, Bangladesh


Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, USAID


To advise on and monitoring system design; supply procurement services for system components; provide construction management; and to design and implement training for institutional development.

Services Provided

  • Procurement Assistance
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Preparation of Technical Specification
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Training and Capacity Building

Project Name

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Energy Services


Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)


To enhance the power sector knowledge of the MCC to a sufficient degree so that MCC are empowered to improve Compact design, implementation, and M&E.