Located between India’s two rapidly growing commercial hubs – Delhi and Mumbai – the state of Gujarat has more than 1500 km of coastline opening up to the Arabian Sea and has for centuries served as a key link to global trade for the Indian subcontinent. The state’s geographical advantage has fueled its industrial growth at a rapid pace thereby contributing nearly 10% to India’s overall GDP. However, with an increase in industrialization and economic growth, comes an increase in road usage and vehicle ownership. The World Bank-financed Second Gujarat State Highway Project (GSHP- II) intends to address the rising transportation demands by improving the overall physical quality and capacity of the road infrastructure in Gujarat, as well as the institutional capacity of the Road and Buildings Department (R&BD) for effective planning and implementation, and by assisting with improvements in the state’s overall road safety management policies and procedures.

Under the GSHP-II, Sheladia Associates, Inc. was selected to serve as independent consultant for the Mehsana- Himatnagar 4-laning on DBFOMT Annuity Contract’. The objective of this consultancy is to ensure high-quality construction and maintenance work, and to promote technological transfers to build local capacity. Sheladia is also responsible for reviewing the technical designs to ensure compliance with international technical standards, and to subsequently monitor the quality of construction as the works are carried out. To ensure overall sustainability of the project, Sheladia will work closely with R&BD and other institutions to build local capacity, develop improved policies and planning strategies, and facilitate smooth technological transfer for local staff. Our team is looking forward to implementing another project in the state of Gujarat and contributing to the development of a solid foundation for the state’s continued economic success.