Over three decades of armed conflict have significantly damaged Afghanistan’s infrastructure, especially the country’s roadways. Despite the continued efforts towards rebuilding the nation’s structural capacity, severe transportation bottlenecks have created persistent challenges for Afghanistan’s interregional trade and local economic development.

The Asian Development Bank-funded Transport Network Development Investment Program (TNDIP) intends to expand and rebuild a number of priority road sections throughout Afghanistan, as well as to improve the road network governing capacity to ensure effective Operations and Maintenance (O&M), asset management, strategic planning, and project implementation of the transportation sector. Under Tranche 3 of the project, Sheladia Associates, Inc. will work with the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) to provide consulting services for Construction Supervision of the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of 178km of a national road from Dar-i-Suf to Yakawlang along the North-South Corridor. More specifically, Sheladia is responsible for approving the final engineering designs, ensuring quality of the work, administering contracts, and supervising the environmental, resettlement, land acquisition, and community outreach programs.

Sheladia knows that improved land transportation infrastructure is a critical catalyst for both economic and social development in a country and Afghanistan is no exception. This segment on the North South corridor will significantly improve efficiency of and capacity for trade through the country to facilitate continued progress towards national and interregional development.

Sheladia has worked in Afghanistan since 2002, successfully completing numerous projects in transportation, irrigation, agriculture, and monitoring and evaluation. The company has a strong commitment to strengthening the country’s physical and human asset capacity and is looking forward to continuing this important work with the MPW on the North-South Corridor.